The Proposal

  • ADEDAR seeks a partner for the necessities to co-host the event which will be causative to the sustainability of our organization so that we can continue to render empowerment to females in rugby around the world and for people to know who we are.

  • We are hoping to co-host with a local rugby club, an event which will showcase not only ADEDAR and what we do, but also of the partnered local rugby club by providing a fun day of a rugby clinic for local girls in the community and to end with a 7s tournament in the afternoon

  • Other benefits: The local rugby club can use this forum as a recruiting day. Local vendors and gyms can sell their merchandise/market themselves at the event.

  • Oppotunities (but not limited to):

    • Exposure of rugby in the local community

    • Awareness of ADEDAR and sport for gender equality

    • Advocate for healthy lifestyle choices found in rugby and being active

  • For more detailed proposal information, click the PDF 

The Event

  • The event will be a platform of raising funds and exposure to the benefits of  rugby in the fight for gender equality, as well as exposure for the local rugby club and potential new recruits to the club.

  • We intend to bring awareness of our organization and the issues of gender inequality around the world, especially in Mozambique and other developing countries

  • We will include in the ADEDAR 7s: 

    • Morning rugby clinic/stations for local high school girls, run by ADEDAR and local women’s clubs

    • A small 7s tournament for the women’s clubs

    • Mixed games for the girls involved in the rugby clinic in the morning (in order to use the skills just learned)

  • Meals and drinks can be bought from potential local vendors at the facilities

  • Local businesses will rent the stalls to market themselves to the community

  • Awards ceremony to be held at the end of the day with prizes


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Fact Sheet