JANUARY 4-10, 2021

The event will be a 7-day community activation that includes worldwide participation for ONE WEEK of BEING ACTIVE, social media posting and fundraising.

Participants can walk, run, hike, swim etc. daily all in the spirit of physical fitness and community building to support ADEDAR's capacity to provide much needed rugby programs for our Mozambique players and coaches and the surrounding commmunities. 

In particular, we have been invited in August 2021 to the Junior 7s Invitational Tournament in Nakuru, Kenya by Connect to Africa. If we can get there, everything is covered plus we are given full kit and material needed to help us continue our growth of rugby in Mozambique. 


Step 1: Register yourself (or a group) & create your Quaranteam 1-4 People. Register by clicking here

Step 2: Decide what personal fitness challenge you plan to commit to from January 4-10, 2021. (Walking, Running, Cycling, Yoga, Swimming, Hiking, At-Home Workouts etc all in the spirit of physical fitness and community building)

Step 3: Begin fundraising by reaching out to your community & posting on social media. Share your fitness commitment for the week of Be Active ADEDAR, and how donations will support ADEDAR's ability to provide a rugby trip to Kenya for our Juniors.  GOAL = $200 per person or $400 per Quaranteam.  Learn some hints on how to peer-to-peer fundraise by clicking here. 

Step 4: Be Active ADEDAR begins! Start your personal or team challenge on the week of January 4-10, 2021. Share your progress daily, email your friends and families for last minute donations and tag us online so that we can see your progress and help you get donations during your final push!

Step 5: Celebrate for your kickstart into the new year, new fitness goals, and empowering girls and women in Mozambique!

Looking for who to sponsor?

Colleen Callen


sponsored: $0

Amanda Gould


sponsored: $15

Clint Fleener


sponsored: $585

Tacoma FD


sponsored: $775

Mandy Nurrenbern

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sponsored: $0


GOAL: $10000

sponsored: $645

Dana Alimena

sponsored: $125