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Mandy: What has rugby done to change your life?

Crelia: Rugby changed my view of the world and of life. I have been able to know many more places because of rugby.

Mandy: What challenges have you overcome to get where you are today?

Crelia: The challenges have been many, but the main thing I have had to overcome is the prejudice of my family and society for what I am doing (playing rugby, etc.)

Mandy: What are your strengths as both an athlete and a person?

Crelia: My strengths include self-confidence and a strong self-esteem. This gives me the courage to do what I do. 

Mandy: What is the best thing you have done in 2020?

Crelia: In 2020, the best thing I did was study. I am currently studying at the Pedagogy University to be a Physical Education teacher, an opportunity rugby has given me. 

Mandy: What are your future aspirations? 

Crelia: I hope to be able to continue to learn more about the world through rugby. I also hope to be able to represent my country as I continue to know more of the world. I would also love to travel to the USA.  

Mandy: Do you have a plan to help you meet these dreams? 

Crelia: Yes, I have plans! First off, I plan to continue to help and expand rugby in Mozambique for girls and women, for the youth. The future is rugby, the future is women! 


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