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Rugby Clinic just for FEMALES!

F Clinic

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Date TBD ...   (Mozambique Women's Day)

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O FUTURO é WANSATI! The future is woman! Our women here shout it, and they believe it. Women are now and they are the future. ADEDAR's number 1 focus is for our women here to feel it, believe it, teach it, and embrace it! Equality means so much in this world and everyone has a right to it!

7 de Abril (April 7) is Mozambique Women's Day. A perfect day to put on an all female ADEDAR Rugby Clinic! We did one last July and it was a hit! Love and learning is what it's all about and that leads to confidence building and being in control of one's own body. The more girls and women we can reach in Mozambique, the better so many things will be! 

Help us out by donating now to our crowdfunder to make this happen! This will be a clinic for females, run by females, and led by females. 

"Started at the bottom, now we're here!" ~ Drake

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Rugby Masculino, A rugby clinic just for the men and boys

Rugby Masculino

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September 2020

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Back in July 2019, we held a clinic just for females. It was fantastic. But our men and boys were like, "What about ours?" At first, I didn't think much of it, but then realized, they are right. Equality is about providing opportunities for everybody. 

So, yes, in September we will hold a rugby clinic that is for men and boys only, rugby masculino. Will be led and organized by men for the boys. 

We got to practice what we preach! Our males in rugby play an important role for the growth of rugby in Mozambique also. So let's not ignore that! 




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December 2020

Rugby/sports are a great tool for teaching so much more for life skills, character building, etc. School holidays in Mozambique are typically an unstructured time for the youth, and many kids are found playing in the streets, doing things they shouldn't be doing, and bored. 


ADEDAR wants to use this time to bring the kids in rugby together, and bring in more kids to play, teach and play rugby, engage in life skills activities, and overall build a stronger community. 


This will be a day camp, lunch and snacks provided, and full days of on the field and in the classroom (mostly on the field!). The kids are the future, so we want to invest in just that!


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Boland Game


gOAL = $7000


Feb. 19, 2021

Everywhere in the world, women have to fight to be equal in sports. By that I mean, treated equal. Equal pay. Equal opportunities. Equal respect. Rugby is no different. Visiting Kenya during our time here, South Africa, Eswatini, we are all facing the same problems: fighting for women to play, get seen, and enjoy what we love as rugby. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for our women in Mozambique to travel outside of Mozambique to play rugby. The Boland Women's Rugby, who is hosting the tournament in February, is a great team to know, play, and get to learn from. They have invited us to their annual womens 7s tournament, and we really want to go and show them what Mozambique has got to offer! 

With you help and your generosity towards our goal, women in rugby in Mozambique can take a giant leap for our growth and development. Donate what you see fit or what you can. You won't go unrecognized for your part in our history! 

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gOAL = $5000


December 19, 2020

One of our main goals in ADEDAR Rugby is EQUALITY. We definitely push a lot for girls and women to play rugby in Mozambique, and we also provide rugby to the boys and men. 

Eswatini has started a 7s tournament for men that is held in December. We were fortunate enough to travel as our ADEDAR men's team in December of 2019, and we plan to continue this annually with Eswatini, Mozambique's neighbor! 

But we can't do this without help from donors like you. The more experiences in rugby and traveling we get, the stronger we become. Education, Experience, Knowledge. 

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gOAL = $13000


July 31-Aug 1, 2021

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Connect to Africa has invited us, ADEDAR Mozambique, to participate in their annual Junior Invitational 7s Tournament being hosted in Nakuru, Kenya in 2021. This will be a great opportunity for our U15s and U18s boys and girls. Not only the experience for our players themselves and the values and lessons they'll bring home, but the opportunity this provides for us to reach more youth in Mozambique to join our #rugbyfamily. 

Connect to Africa will cover food and accomodation for the weekend. We at ADEDAR need to get us there and back. That's where you can help and support! With your donation, we are one step closer to this learning experience. At the end of the tournament, Connect to Africa also sends each team home with kit and equipment, ready to attack our own projects and growth of rugby in Mozambique!

$25 --> The bus ride for one player

$100 --> All the bus rides needed for one player

$500 --> transportation to and from for one player

$7000  --> One full team to travel to and from

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gOAL = $7000


April 29-May 4, 2021

Zimbabwe holds a big under 18 tournament at the end of April. Guaranteed 3 games. Males and females teams. Due to the Covid-19, our plans to make this happen in 2020 didn't happen, BUT that doesn't mean 2021 isn't open to this goal. We would love to have an under 18 ADEDAR males and females team represent at this tournament. 

Over 400 people present. A chance to experience and learn more in rugby, and meet more rugby family in the world. Zimbabwe is a neighbor to Mozambique and would be a great connection to the growth of rugby for our youth in Mozambique in rugby! 

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