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Mathemele rugby

Coaches are the backbone of our organization. They are the leaders, the examples, the role models for our youth and girls. They find players, develop players, and strive towards the goals of ADEDAR and the Spirit of the Game of Rugby. 

Sponsoring a coach helps us keep our organization reaching our goals and building confidence in our girls for a stronger tomorrow. A small donation of $10 a month pays for the coach's transportation, food, and training to be a better coach. 

Crelia started with ADEDAR our very first year, 2015. She was one of very few girls who thought rugby could be something she could play, screaming when she first got passed the ball. She got out there, she played with the guys, and now has the best tackle technique out of anybody out there! With her growth in the game and in her own confidence, she has become a true leader in the game of rugby in Mozambique. She's one of the main reasons women's rugby in Mozambique has grown and achieved as much as we have. 



Nelio started playing in 2017 when we won him over in a rainy day of rugby in Chamanculo. A friend brought him to the game, telling him he would love it. He came to the game, but he did not bring clothes to play in. He thought he would just observe that day... Low and behold, rugby has taken over his life. He's a true advocate for girls' rugby, leader in rugby growth in Mozambique, and an excellent rugby role model for all involved. 

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HUlene Rugby Club


Constancia started rugby in 2016 with Crelia, but disappeared for a year (from rugby). Luckily, for us, she came back, and now has her own team in the Chamanculo neighborhood. She is an example of strength and growth for our girls and youth and is dedicated to rugby in Mozambique. She represented ADEDAR Rugby at a 7s tournament in South Africa and continues to positively grow in every way! 


Chamanculo Rugby Club



Alberto started playing rugby in 2018 with ADEDAR, recruited by Nelio in the Hulene neighborhood. He stepped up right away as a leader, creating teams for boys and girls under 12 and under 14. He takes on responsibility without being asked, and has stepped up as a leader, and someone we all trust. His tackling is also excellent and will take anybody out who tries to pass him!



Hulene Rugby Club

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Beauty and the Pitch 7s
* July 9 in Doylsetown, PA
* Sign up by June 1 for $250 (after is $300)
* Sign up here

Upcoming opportunities to sponsor for ADEDAR:

Women's Club Teams to Malawi
Date TBD in October

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Rugby Masculino - A Clinic just for men and boys in Mozambique. Led by men to educate men.

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Rugby Youth Day Camp - Mozambique summer holidays youth day camp for a week (in December). Keep the youth busy and active in a positive environment. 

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 ADEDAR can't do this without your help. There are different ways you can help:

1. Donate money - Yes, money always helps


2. Donate items - Rugby equipment, kit, balls, etc.


3. Donate time - Ever thought about spending some time in Mozambique?

"One thing I learned, the solution for a better team is unity, love, courage, determination and a lot of strength.
I learned a lot and I'm still learning, rugby changed my life, brought self-esteem, made me more of a woman.
I love playing rugby, in addition to being a game it is also a family."

- Orquidea, Hulene Rugby Club


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