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Who is Nelio anyways?

Nelio is one of those guys who has many ideas. He is from the neighborhood Hulene in the Maputo City, and has been essential for the growth of ADEDAR all around. He has many ideas to get more players, develop his players, and is a great example to other coaches, players, and people in general. 


Nelio is a leader.

Nelio became committed to rugby right away, always showing up to practices, having that look of taking everything in to learn about the game and become a better player. After practice one day, I (Mandy) asked him if he would be interested in being a coach. He was a bit hesitant at first because he was afraid he didn't know enough of rugby. I said, "No problem. You will learn right away." And he did. He continued to show growth in character and in the game, and naturally, is a leader of ADEDAR.  

Nelio is an observer

There are different kind of leaders out there, and what I (Mandy) have noticed about Nelio's leadership style is he is an Analytic/Architect type leader. He observes first. He likes to see and take in all the details before he acts. Information-seeker. Hence, he thought that very first day of rugby for him was going to just "watch" the game. Rugby was too enticing, looked too fun. He borrowed clothes and played rugby and has never looked back. 


Nelio is an innovator.

Nelio constantly consults with me and asks if idea 'x' is a good idea, or idea 'y', etc. He draws out ideas on paper for different drills. He comes up with plans that works and constantly amazes me. He understands his culture, understands the culture of rugby, and is able to put it all together. 

Rolex and Pizza

In 2018, Nelio, Crelia, and Mandy had the amazing opportunity to travel and play rugby in Kenya for a week. It was Crelia and Nelio's first time to leave Mozambique, and pizza and rolexes soon became their new favorite food. Rolex is an egg wrapped in a chipati. A simple food that Nelio couldn't get enough of. Pizza was also high on the list of food they wanted more of (more of Crelia's obsession than Nelio's). 


A Sense of Humor

I've (Mandy) always been told that Mozambicans don't get sarcasm. Sarcasm is definitely my second language, and I still used it in all my time in Mozambique. Mozambicans get sarcasm, and they bring it right back. For instance, Nelio wanted to make sure that everybody knows that he stole mangos because that's what I taught him to do by teaching him how to throw the rugby ball... He definitely knows when to laugh and when to be serious. A balance that makes a great coach who connects with their players.  


Want to know more about Nelio? E-mail us and ask!

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