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  • Margarida, Edvania, Cecilia, Aristela

What the girls have to say...

The population here is very fond of rugby.

The experience of playing rugby here is knowing different places of residence, learning the rules, meeting new people and much more. Rugby is an unparalleled experience, because it is a lot about union, once we get some knowledge about the sport, and we easily fall in love with rugby. It is a sport that is not common of many other sports we know.

Rugby is going on right here, because it was not scorned, it was received with pleasure, with the desire to be accomodated and to be better known. As we have already said, rugby is an unbeatable sport, and above all it is good for health, it has some good characteristics like:

The union: the union is made in the

rules (scrum, lineout, line of defense, support, ruck and more).

Friendship between teams: when we say friendship between teams, it is that we can socialize with

members of other teams. Clinic: When we say clinic we learn other rules with other coaches and


Workshop: It has the drive because it includes the training of trainers.

Paths: when we say paths, we know new places where we can carry out the game, the clinic and


With rugby we are learning not to be selfish, to live in other environments, we are learning to play together and much more.

Conclusion: We speak of the rugby experience, as we are seeing here, some characteristics and what we are learning. We would like that for those who do not play rugby, and those who do not have the physical as well as virtual knowledge of the sport, to join us. Rugby in the heart.

Written by: Cecilia Auristela Edvania Margarida

Team: 12 of October -

Hulene Coach - Nelio

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