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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

Rollercoaster of Everything

How can I even put this into words. I think the best way to describe everything is that it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, a rollercoaster of thoughts, a rollercoaster of what is going on with rugby in Mozambique when I am not here to see things through.

I would love to say that ADEDAR and rugby in Mozambique is always perfect. It’s not. Nothing in life is always perfect. It would be a lie if someone said it is. ADEDAR is going through a rough time since I have come back from traveling in East Africa. (I didn’t stop working while traveling, just wasn’t here with the coaches). But, as we see in those inspirational videos, those inspirational quotes and photos, challenges are what teaches us. My favorite one I think I have seen lately is you can’t have CHAlleNGE without CHANGE, and ADEDAR is looking for some change, change in gender equality in Mozambique, change for a better education, change in confidence of each and every one of us. Change is challenge, challenge is change.

Fail Early. Fail Often. Fail Forward. And this is not a negative. This is something Will Smith said, and it’s true. It’s true on an individual level, on a team level, on an organization level. As a friend in Mozambique here says:

“Não pode saber como a levantar se nunca caiu.” (You can not know how to stand up if you have never fallen)

Falling makes you stronger, makes you stand up with force, with knowledge, with more will.

Confusion happens, communication falters, but we learn, we move on, we don’t let it stop us.

Okay, enough of the babbling of motivational speech talk? Yeah, me too. I’m ready to keep moving forward, to stand back up and get things rolling for 2018. And so are my coaches. And so are my players. There may be dishonest people out there that you trusted, but positivity and determination keeps moving forward.

Rugby is still alive, ADEDAR is still alive! That, there is no doubt about it!

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