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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

Mission Mozambique Coach Development

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

Africa is a big continent with a lot of countries, 54 to be exact. Mozambique is in the small southeast corner in the area known as southern Africa. Kenya is in East Africa, just above Tanzania and just below Ethiopia. Where these two are in their states of rugby are incredibly different.

Kenya has been developing rugby for the past 60 + years, brought in by British settlers. It first started as a ‘whites only’ game, but as independence and integration came around, became a game for ALL Kenyans, regardless of color or race. Due to this experience in rugby, Kenya is already climbing the ranks in the world of rugby, ranking 30. They participate competitively in the international 7s series and in the summer Olympic games. There is so much that Mozambique can learn from Kenya and rugby.

Mozambique (ADEDAR) started rugby at the end of 2015. That gives us just a little over 2 years of rugby in Mozambique. We have accomplished a lot in those two years, but when you see and look at other countries with rugby, we are still just little babies in the world of rugby.

One of the nice things about sports, about rugby, is we are always there to help each other out. In January, I was able to visit Kenya and a local rugby club in Nairobi. I trained with them for a week, watched their game on Saturday, and it rejuvenated me and ADEDAR. This is something I shouldn’t keep to myself, this is something my coaches most desperately need. I am not going to lie, I am not enough rugby to really grow the game as good as it can be.

So here’s the idea: 4 coaches to Nairobi, Kenya, for 10 days (a good week of training with experienced players, a week of shadowing experienced coaches, a game of rugby with the local club on Saturday, and a Level 1 Rugby Coaching Course certified through World Rugby). ADEDAR coaches will learn not only better technique on the field, but also the spirit of the game (RESPECT, INTEGRITY, SOLIDARITY, DISCIPLINE, and PASSION) and the rugby environment that is so important in our rugby community around the world.

It’s not going to be easy to make this happen. There are prices, costs of getting there and back, visas, per diem, places to stay, local transport, and the opportunity to go see a few animals while we are there at small safari park (Nairobi National Park). The local KCB Rugby Club is ready, with open arms to help Mozambique grow rugby. We just need to get there. . .

Donate at our help page. Write ADEDAR Dream in the notes. Help make this happen, help make this possible. This is our mission.


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