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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

What's the difference?

I was just asked the other day:

"What is the difference between American Football and Rugby?"

Well, let me tell you!!!!

1. American Football you can throw the ball forward. Rugby you can't.

2. You can block someone from tackling the person with the ball. Rugby you can't.

3. When someone gets tackled in American Football, the game stops, the team goes and talks for up to 25 seconds and then they start again. In Rugby, the game doesn't stop (unless there is a penalty of some sort), thinking of the next play is done there on the spot.

4. Need I say protective gear?

5. To score in American Football you just have to cross the line in the touchdown area (6 pts). In rugby, you actually have to TOUCH it DOWN (5 pts).

6. 1 point for the conversion kick in American Football. 2 points for Rugby.

7. Let's talk about the tackling technique. In Rugby, it's cheek to cheek, wrap around and push. In American Football, it's... well, spear them with the head I think is something I think I heard someone say? We'll just say that's why they need protective gear...

They are both great sports, but still have so many things very different and shouldn't be confused!!!

The photo on the left is my amazing father, an American Football player (played at Purdue University) and the photo on the right is me, a rugby player. Similar but still very different.

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