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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

Would you like a cup of tea with that tackle?

Just another reminder why I love the rugby world!

April 28. 2018 Mozambique had their first ever international rugby game. A historic event, and one I think I can say we were all very excited for. So, this is how the week rolled out for ADEDAR!

We, ADEDAR, knew a team from England was coming to Mozambique to play. Maputo Rugby Club had started doing a select side for Mozambique 3 months prior to get the seniors ready to play. Fortunately, a friend from England got us in contact the week before with the England team and we were able to set up a clinic for our ADEDAR players on the Friday.

One of our schools, Lhanguene Secondary School is very keen to have rugby at the school. The field was open and ready for us to host these English players who taught us so much. Belsize Rugby Club brought 46 players in all, and showed up Friday with at least 20 to teach us better passing skills, defensive line, and tackling.

I got to hang out with 10 of the players the rest of the day and night as we showed them around Chamanculo, tried out a bit of the local beer, and took them out for some local chicken and fries. It was all a great reminder of my love of rugby and everything about it!

Saturday Maputo Rugby Club invited ADEDAR out for the rugby clinic before the game, so our kids got double the luck of having the English team here and learned more about rucking, tackling, kicking, and passing the ball. Then we all stayed and watched the game!

The first international rugby game in Mozambique, and I, Mandy, got to play 5 minutes of the game (on the Belsize Rugby Club side). Dancing and rugby shanigans followed.

I was incredibly impressed and proud of my kids. Not only did they show up on time, they came with the complete desire to learn and take in so much from these players from England. It will not be a once in a lifetime experience, but an eye-opener for all us for more to come!

Thank you, Belsize Rugby Club for giving us your time, a set of jerseys, balls, and most importantly, an experience that words can't describe.

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