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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

Jambo, Kenya, HERE WE COME!

In January, Chico and I visited Kenya during our travels. Our original plan of sticking around Nairobi for just a couple days turned into staying for a full week, allowing me to train with the women of KCB Club and then staying for the Saturday game and social. During that week, we talked about how cool it would be to be able to bring coaches from Mozambique to Kenya and get that experience, and how that would help rugby in Mozambique tremendously!

Well, with some hard work and crowdfunding madness, we didn't raise enough to take 4 coaches yet (hint hint, we still can get more donations to help us get there), but we do have enough for at least 1 coach and ALMOST 2 coaches. Looking at dates and how we can get the most out of the trip, it's been decided!

Sept. 24 to October 8 are the dates. This allows us to train with KCB rugby club for a good solid week, hopefully be able to play in a game while there, AND stay and watch the big Safaricom 7s! I am super-excited that even though it's not the full dream of 4 yet, it's a step in the right direction for ADEDAR!

Thank you to all who were a part of the crowdfunding and who have donated! You are all really the GREATEST!

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