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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

Making this ALL happen

What is is that non-profits need all the time? Money. Yep, that's what we need. It will ALWAYS be what we need. It's not the only thing we need, but it is actually a huge part because it makes what we do actually possible. ADEDAR is no exception.

So, I want to explain where the money goes, where your money will go to help us make rugby grow in Mozambique. But before I do that, let me explain the different things that ADEDAR does.

Rugby Clinics - A type of training where all our teams come together, coaches are responsible for one station that is focused on a part of rugby. Then after about 20 minutes, they rotate to the other station. After all the groups have completed their stations, we mix up teams and play games. After that's all over, we each enjoy a cup of maheu (a maize drink that they LOVE), and some oranges or tangerines or some fruit that is in season.

Rugby Tournaments - Saturday is a rugby day. We like to put on a tournament about every 3 months. It's a one day tournament with champions at the end and a social to celebrate.

Coach Workshops - Development of coaches. Typically this is a bit of time in the classroom learning about the rules or other parts of rugby and how to coach, and an outside portion to teach them more drills to use at their practices and practice time to coach each other.

Coach Meetings - Once a month we get together as coaches and make sure communication amongst us is happening and schedule out the next few months, etc.

Girl Meetings - A time for all the girls/women involved in ADEDAR to get together and talk about any kind of issues they have with health, school, etc. It's a forum to feel free to talk about ANYTHING, and a way for the girls to feel comfortable talking about what they need or want for rugby.

ADEDAR also has behind the scene costs to keep running (i.e. paying the coaches, lawyer fees, printing costs, transportation, etc.) The following chart shows how much each event costs or our monthly costs, and then how much we would ideally need in a year. This is as of 2018.

We are able to do this due to donations and sponsors. You can be one of these. Donate here on our website (

Rugby in Mozambique is happening, it's growing, and it's fun. Be a part of it!

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