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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

ADEDAR in New Zealand?

No. Not really. But it would be a great place to live and be as it is the "Home of Rugby" (*not really, rugby started in Rugby, England... but details, right?)

Currently, though, I, Mandy, am in New Zealand. I got to play some rugby in November and learn a bit more. I also was able to meet up with the New Zealand Rugby Union the end of November and talk about ideas and how the NZRU works here. It was an excellent meeting with Cate Saxton and Anna Darling at NZRU. I learned about how they work to help develop rugby for women in New Zealand, and I got some ideas for getting ADEDAR out there and seen.

I was invited to a conference about game development in New Zealand by the NZRU on January 21. I am truly excited to be able to learn from some of the best to help ADEDAR grow in Mozambique and beyond! I will update on the conference, so keep a lookout in the weeks to come!

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