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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

Eswatini, celebrate with a Martini!

If you were able to keep up with us in December, we sent our ADEDAR's men's team to Eswatini for a men's tournament. It was the first time we traveled as a team from ADEDAR. To be honest, I was extremely nervous for them. I was like a mother who just had to let her sons grow up and go be on their own... maybe not to that extent, but something like it!

In the end I couldn't have been more proud. We didn't win a single game, but that's a "who cares?" type thing. What we did do was way more what ADEDAR stands for and what we are. They were respectful, disciplined, and had a lot of fun! According to Alex, from the Mozambique Federation, ADEDAR scored the best try of the day! I'm just sad I didn't get to be there and see it!

So instead of hearing it from the words of someone who couldn't physically be there, much better to hear it from the coach and players:

From Crelia, ADEDAR men's coach: "I particularly liked the organization of the tournament. The games ran on time throughout the tournament. My proudest moment of the tournament was when ADEDAR made the best try of the tournament. I was also very impressed with how our team set the standard for being organized. I also enjoyed the snacks and dinner/party at the end, along with many other things."

From Nelio: "We were the team that traveled with 7 players that were good to play... the team with few players." (Crelia adding, "and the smallest team.")"

From Sebastiao: "It was an honor to play for ADEDAR in Eswatini."

Overall, they made it, they played, they had fun, they made it home safe. All the most important things we could ask for!!

Thank you to all that supported ADEDAR! Thank you to Alex, from Mozambique Federation, for helping out where he could and always being so supportive for rugby to grow in Mozambique.

Congrats to our other rugby club in Mozambique, Maputo Rugby Club, for second place! Really shows a lot the progress we are making for rugby in Moz!

Congrats to our ADEDAR men: Marcelo Correia, Wasquet dos Santos, Arlindo Zeca, Sebastiao Lumbela, Nelio Ouana, and Anibal.

To our coach: Crelia Hoguane

And to our manger: Constancia Zunguza

And thank you to the organizers of the tournament and inviting us to play, Naomi Dups du Pont. They really had a blast and learned so much! Can't wait to next year!!

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