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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

From their mouths and their actions

The following are Facebook posts from our coaches and players in Mozambique. These are their words and their show of appreciation towards ADEDAR and rugby they now know about and get to play!

This is what ADEDAR is like, an attitude positive and supportive when we are together watching rugby. We feel even more together when we are as one in ADEDAR!

These girls are united no matter what happens. They are always fighting together on the field and this makes them stronger!

After practice, some are tired, others are super tired! But all are happy!

At the Chamanculo rugby clinic, the kids learned a lot thanks to some good coaches from ADEDAR.

We have Celeste who comes in with confidence. When she is playing, she doesn't miss a single tackle, even when she doesn't get in the best position sometimes! (But most of time, technique is spot on!)

Rugby is a great sport, without doubts. Yesterday we had practice that was very good, even though there only 4 people who made it to practice! Something we sometimes face in training, but we trained well and we had a lot of fun!

Rafael is just about to complete a full year of playing rugby with Hulene, and he is a good tackler! He is learning so much!

This is one of our players from ADEDAR Benfica. His name is Nelio, name sake from our coach in Hulene! He is a good player that Benfica is lucky to have!

Reading their words on Facebook...hearing them talk about rugby, watching them grow and play and be a family....This is why ADEDAR is in Mozambique. These are the faces.

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