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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

How Nelyo got started...

Someone here said they wanted to learn more about Nelyo D RG​, so I will share my experience with this leader of ADEDAR.

Nelyo's first day of rugby in Mozambique. He showed up at Mangueiras (mango trees) field in Chamanculo for a pick up game we were playing on a Saturday morning. He never played rugby before and never even watched it, but his friend PG Da Modality Gang​, convinced him to come on over.

Nelyo didn't come with clothes to play. He thought he would just watch the rest of us. I told him as the rest of us got on the field that he was going to regret the fact he didn't bring clothes to play sport in...

About 5 minutes after we started playing, he somehow found some clothes and started playing. About 15 minutes later after that, it started pouring down rain and the field became a lake within 2 minutes.

It twas a good day of rugby to play and a good day for ADEDAR because now we have Nelyo.

His goal for rugby in Mozambique aligns very well with ADEDAR's objectives. He wants more girls and women to play rugby!

Comment below a memory of Nelyo or of someone that reminds you of this character! Good person, good player, good coach.

Left to right: Orquidea, Edvania, Celeste, Nelio, Rosta, Neyma, Ana, Margarida, Berta

Alda, Mariazinha, Rosalda

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