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I am a RUGBY PLAYER! - by Crelia

The game was amazing on September 25 against Boland Women's Rugby from Hermanus. It was marvilous! I realized at this point that I am a player of rugby and this was my first professional game with a complete international team! What I learned was priceless: new experiences, new techniques to play rugby better and so much more!

With this game, we as players in Mozambique, have been able to build our confidence in various ways, and it helped our girls/women here realize that there are so many females who do play rugby. We gained motivation and moral, incentive to continue to train hard!

My next goal is to be able to get more games for our girls and our women! And to step up our level of trainining! We need to be better prepared for the next game.

My dream as a rugby player is to be able to explore other countries that have rugby, through rugby, through playing!

There was a player I played against that I admired a lot. Her name was Deborah. A great competitor, and also a great friend now!

-- Crelia Hoguane

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