• Mandy Nurrenbern

In the cold land of South Africa....

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Mozambique does have a winter... BUUTTTT.... it's not really that cold in it's winter. . .

In June we decided to head to a high school girl's rugby tournament amongst the provinces in South Africa (being held in Johannesburg). What a great opportunity for some of ours to see what our neighbor competition is, to get some contacts, learn how they grow the game for their women and girls, and have some fun watching some rugby.

Nelio and Crelia weren't exactly ready for the cold. But they handled it alright. We brought along Irene with RugBIO because, well, she's pretty awesome and we like her also.

What we got out of the week in Johannesburg:

* contacts for women's and girl's teams in Nelspruit, Limpopo, and Zimbabwe (closest teams for us)

* a feeling of unity of the teams with dancing, cheering, and overall organizations amongst the teams themselves

* new warm up ideas and plays for the game

* understanding the intensity we need to up our own game if we want to play against South Africa

* ideas on future plans for the growth of rugby and, in particular, for girls and rugby in Mozambique

It was awesome to finally meet the coach from Boland's Women's Rugby who got in contact with me through our Facebook page. We really fell in love with how much he pushed for females and rugby. It was great to talk about some of the same frustrations we have and how he has been able to work around it. South Africa and rugby has definitely been around longer than Mozambique, so we can learn a lot from our neighbors, and I think they are more than excited to help Mozambique along the way.

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