• Mandy Nurrenbern

Not all girls are made of sugar and spice

ADEDAR in 2015: 5% female participation in rugby

ADEDAR in 2016: 15% female participation in rugby

ADEDAR in 2017: 20% female participation in rugby

ADEDAR in 2018: 27% female participation in rugby

ADEDAR in 2019: 35% female participation in rugby

The amount of girls we have now in ADEDAR always makes us proud at how much we have accomplished here! Since 2016, ADEDAR is a strong representation of women's rugby in Mozambique and we plan on continuing just that!

On July 20, 2019, ADEDAR held it's first All-Female Rugby Clinic, ranging in ages from 10 to 30+. Goals for the day:

* Make sure the girls know they are important and amazing

* Give the girls something they deserve

* Provide a fun and positive environment for girls to be girls and not worry about the boys

* Recruit more girls to come play rugby and have fun with us

With over 80 girls participating for this clinic, I would say this was a pretty successful day! We started at 8:00 in the morning and ADEDAR coaches were on point! As girls trickled in, Alberto kept the girls busy by playing a Simon Says type game. As we were getting ready to split them into 4 groups, Nelio decided to try some fun icebreaker games he has learned in different workshops.

At the stations, the girls learned better how to control the ball, tackle their opponent, stay in a good line of defense as a team, and creating space to move the ball up the field with their team. At the end of the day, they played some games in their respective age groups, had a little social afterwards with maheu (an extremely popular cornmeal drink in Mozambique), and some orange slices!

When asking the girls at the end if they would want that again, the answer was always yes. Smiles all around, and it was a perfect day for the girls. Made possible by dedicated coaches and a passion for what we do!

BTW, dancing is 100% part of rugby!

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