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  • Mandy Nurrenbern

SLUMBER PARTY Coach Workshop!

ADEDAR is ready to try something new and it will be the next step up in our growth. Every month we do coach workshops to develop our coaches to be the best they can be for our players. We work on skills and drills, spirit of the game, and how to mold the character of players ADEDAR wants and is achieving (in my humble opinion). It’s something that differs us from the other associations doing rugby in Mozambique. They have their thing, we have ours.

With that being said, our step up in growth for our coaches is providing a 3 or 4 day workshop, a kind of ‘slumber party’ for learning some new and innovative things I was able to get from New Zealand Rugby, who welcomed me with open arms and big smiles to a Game Development conference they put on in January. First off, getting to where they are in rugby in New Zealand and how they run things is an absolute goal we would love to achieve in Mozambique. One small step at a time!

Things I learned at the conference in New Zealand:

1. The Rugby Way. Their vision. We need to relook at our own and let it grow with us, but I love what NZ Rugby has: Be Welcoming. Be our best. Be passionate. Play Fair. We will make ours, but we are inspired by theirs!

2. The 5 Cs. Love it. → Culture, Capability, Clarity, Consisteency, and Collaboration.

3. Taking a closer look at what not only our players want but what our fans want.

4. Retention. How do we get players and keep players?

5. Strategies on creating great environments!

6. Creating better, clearer, more open conversations.

7. RugbySmart – how to prevent and manage injuries so players stay safe on and off the field. A more focused look on this and developing this even better!

8. Breakdowns in rugby.

9. Small backs and how to reach to the little ones more.

10. Games and activities and how to be creative in applying things that can be used on the field (aka innovative). AND with little equipment.

11. Simple referee focus so parents can be involved this way.

So much to cover and make happen, and to do it in a fun and good learning environment. This won’t be easy, but I am so excited to be able to share this with our coaches and see where they take it! 2020 is the start of a new year with new growth, and new exciting things to come!

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