• Mandy Nurrenbern

Sports and Mozambique

What's the number one sport in Mozambique? Easy to answer that it's football (soccer). Give a kid a ball in Mozambique and one of the first things they do is kick it. Volleyball, kick. Basketball, kick. Rugby ball, kick. Great! Overall, get the kids moving, get the adults moving. Let's just everybody move!

But that's not the case in Mozambique unfortunately. The way the school system is in Mozambique gives little to no structure for extracurricular activities for the youth. Instead I see kids playing on the street with rocks marking out their goals, and balls made out of condoms and plastic bags. I'll give it to them, they are creative and thrifty!

Having structure in extracurricular activities keeps the youth off the streets, away from drugs, avoiding unsafe sexual practices, etc. It teaches them to work together, treat each other like family, and to have positive role models in the coaches. This will be a fight for a long time to get sports in the schools and ready for the youth who are hungry for it.

ADEDAR is doing it's part to give that positive experience and that structure to the youth. We start with ages 10 and move up. We try to include adults and get them active on the fields. The more involved, the more we grow as a community.

Perhaps one day before I die, I will see the government putting more weight on sports and development, and providing positive structure to their youth in the schools. Until then, ADEDAR will continue to do what we can for the youth who get involved with us!

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