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Strengthening grassroots RUGBY organizations worldwide for women and girls.


To use the POWER of rugby to help EDUCATE, EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and STRENGTHEN girls and women around the WORLD.



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Dana Alimena

Rugby has given me a community and space to defy social and cultural gender norms by encouraging the outward expression of confidence, strength, boldness, and resilience in girls and women. It has made me proud to be a strong woman. I want girls everywhere to have access to the freedom rugby brings in finding and expressing their truest selves. That's what ADEDAR aims to do, empower girls and women around the world through rugby. 

Amanda Gould

Rugby has taught me to redefine my view of what it means to be an athlete. In high school I never imagined myself as being athletic or strong. The rugby pitch has quite literally become place of safety and belonging for me. I’m excited to help promote rugby and its values to young players around the world.

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Mandy Nurrenbern

Rugby came into my life at the right place and the right time. I grew up in sports, but it was rugby that gave me family. It gave me the confidence to be me and not be ashamed of being strong, of being silly, of not being the "norm", to love myself. To be able to provide this for other women and girls around the world has become a passion of mine. I love seeing the little bit of difference we make as ADEDAR, to see it in the girls when they realize how strong they really are. 

Clint Fleener

Clint's write up


Colleen Callin

CC's write up

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