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ADEDAR's main goal is to create rugby and use it as a tool for education, opportunity, empowerment. We like to play, dance, have fun, and create a positive environment based around rugby and the Spirit of the Game (respect, solidarity, passion, discipline, and integrity). 


  • Try to understand the culture in the area we are developing rugby

  • Enter the local schools and work with PE teachers to introduce rugby 

  • Find those interested to play and make a team

  • Train a coach alongside with the team until the coach is ready to take over the team completely

  • Find more coaches, find more players, etc. 

  • Organize tournaments in the different neighborhoods we have teams

  • Set up and coordinate rugby clinics (players from all teams come together, rotate to different stations led by different coaches, and then mix up teams and play games at the end)

  • Educate and equip coaches with workshops, resources, and sharing of ideas

In the end ADEDAR wants rugby to be something locally run and led. We develop rugby for boys and girls, women and men, and a huge focus is to try to get more girls and women to play rugby, to empower them and build their confidence not only in rugby, but in their own lives and power over their own bodies. Finding leaders and coaches with the same values is essential and the whole reason ADEDAR can continue to reach it's goals. 

Build a future, not a stereotype. Education gives a voice, guarantee it. 

Change the Perception.

Because women are strong, confident, intelligent, powerful, and amazing human beings.

want rugby where you are?

Hire ADEDAR to do this where you are. If you like what you see and can see a benefit in your community and/or in your country, contact us here. Time and costs negotiable since depends on location! Let's work together and make this happen! 

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